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Brellow – Punjab Banquet Hall East Indian Wedding

I shot an Indian wedding along with all the ceremonies for Brellow. This couple booked the complete Brellow package which included Photo/Video coverage as well as the Photobooth! It’s been a while since we all gathered together this big.

It was 3 days of shooting amazing cultural events. This particular couple was very interesting. The bride, Sagan, just happens to have come from the Philippines! She grew up there and is actually much better than me at speaking the language 🙂

This wedding is definitely one of my favourite in terms of the photography I got to do. So many different things to shoot! Check out the rest of the post for all the pics from the different days!

Disclaimer: I’ve shot a bunch of Indian weddings but still don’t fully understand all that happens as they’re all slightly different and unique. I will try to explain to the best of my knowledge the events that occurred so please forgive any mistakes I may have in the explanations 🙂


Day One – Groom’s Maiya

Everyone on the groom’s side gathered for this ceremony in which the groom’s skin is covered all over. Jason sat in front of a rice pattern made by the aunties. People take turns to rub some substance on any exposed skin and then smile to take a picture 🙂 He also gets lots of money!

Punjab Banquet Hall 0117Punjab Banquet Hall 0122Punjab Banquet Hall 0123Punjab Banquet Hall 0124Punjab Banquet Hall 0125Punjab Banquet Hall 0126Punjab Banquet Hall 0127

After the ceremony is all the fun dancing! This goes on for hours!Punjab Banquet Hall 0128Punjab Banquet Hall 0129

Day Two – Bride’s Maiya

This was very similar to the Groom’s Maiya. Instead of the aunties, it was the bride’s sister along with other girls that helped make the rice pattern. The bride was also then covered all over. I got to speak with Sagan and she definitely speaks better Tagalog than me!

Punjab Banquet Hall 0118Punjab Banquet Hall 0130Punjab Banquet Hall 0131Punjab Banquet Hall 0132

The Mehndi (Henna) was applied on the bride before the ceremony started.Punjab Banquet Hall 0119Punjab Banquet Hall 0133Punjab Banquet Hall 0134Punjab Banquet Hall 0135

Choora Ceremony

After the Maiya ceremony, we headed over to the Bride’s house to do this ceremony in which her family puts on bangles on her arms.

Punjab Banquet Hall 0137Punjab Banquet Hall 0138Punjab Banquet Hall 0139

Day 3 – Wedding Day

Groom’s Preparation – For the previous days, we just had one photographer and one videographer covering the Maiyas. Today, we had the complete team. I covered the Groom’s preparation in the morning.

Punjab Banquet Hall 0120Punjab Banquet Hall 0140Punjab Banquet Hall 0141Punjab Banquet Hall 0142Punjab Banquet Hall 0143Punjab Banquet Hall 0144Punjab Banquet Hall 0145Punjab Banquet Hall 0146Punjab Banquet Hall 0147Punjab Banquet Hall 0148Punjab Banquet Hall 0149Punjab Banquet Hall 0150Punjab Banquet Hall 0151Punjab Banquet Hall 0152Punjab Banquet Hall 0153

Wedding Ceremony

We all headed to the Gurdwara (the place where they worship) for the ceremony. There are a lot of differences that occur in this ceremony compared to a typical north american wedding which I’m not going to attempt to explain as I will probably get it all mixed up 🙂 Probably best to do a google search if you want to know more ^_^

Punjab Banquet Hall 0154Punjab Banquet Hall 0155Punjab Banquet Hall 0156Punjab Banquet Hall 0157Punjab Banquet Hall 0158Punjab Banquet Hall 0159Punjab Banquet Hall 0160Punjab Banquet Hall 0161

Formal Photo Session

After the ceremony was over, we headed over to the new City Centre Library by SFU Surrey campus. We got permission to shoot in there and are actually the first wedding couple to ever shoot in there! I feel honoured 😀 As we entered, I heard some kids very puzzled as they asked why we were shooting pictures in the library. Little do they know how amazing this place looks! My favourite bunch of photos are definitely from this location and I was very excited to be able to shoot in here.

Punjab Banquet Hall 0162Punjab Banquet Hall 0163Punjab Banquet Hall 0164Punjab Banquet Hall 0165Punjab Banquet Hall 0166

(↓) This picture below is one of my favourite pics from the day. I took this picture while the couple were doing a pose for Zeeshan for the same day edit which you can watch at the bottom of this post.Punjab Banquet Hall 0167Punjab Banquet Hall 0168Punjab Banquet Hall 0169Punjab Banquet Hall 0170Punjab Banquet Hall 0171Punjab Banquet Hall 0172

After the Library, we headed over to Holland Park.Punjab Banquet Hall 0173Punjab Banquet Hall 0174Punjab Banquet Hall 0175Punjab Banquet Hall 0176Punjab Banquet Hall 0177Punjab Banquet Hall 0178Punjab Banquet Hall 0179


This is the bride’s send off ceremony. We headed over to the Bride’s house and before the Groom could enter to pick up the bride, he had to barter a deal with the bride’s side in order to enter. It’s like a bidding war where the groom and bride’s side go back and forth with a dollar figure that both sides are happy with in order to be able to cut the ribbon and come inside.

Punjab Banquet Hall 0180Punjab Banquet Hall 0181Punjab Banquet Hall 0182Punjab Banquet Hall 0183


This is where all the fun is at! Lots of food and dancing and just happiness all around!

Punjab Banquet Hall 0121Punjab Banquet Hall 0184Punjab Banquet Hall 0185Punjab Banquet Hall 0186Punjab Banquet Hall 0187Punjab Banquet Hall 0188Punjab Banquet Hall 0189Punjab Banquet Hall 0190Punjab Banquet Hall 0191Punjab Banquet Hall 0192

The couple had so many different outfits throughout the 3 days. Their last outfit was their reception outfit. However, we didn’t get to take pictures of these beforehand. So instead, we took pictures of these at the end of the night once all the ceremonies were done and the dancing started. These are my favourite pics after the library pictures.Punjab Banquet Hall 0193Punjab Banquet Hall 0194Punjab Banquet Hall 0195Punjab Banquet Hall 0196Punjab Banquet Hall 0197

It was a tiring but very fun 3 days shooting this wedding. Best wishes to Jason & Sagan in their new life together 😀


Same Day Edit

If you’ve heard of Brellow Productions, then you know us for our Videos. But something that Zeeshan and the rest of the amazing crew are getting really known for now are their same day edits! So what’s a same day edit? It’s an edit of the events of the day that get edited that day! So we film in the morning and afternoon, then edit all the footage into a highlight reel to be played at the ceremony! Definitely a crowd pleaser that everyone loves! Check out the SDE we played at this wedding:

Jason & Sagan | SDE from Brellow Productions on Vimeo.

Photographer’s Info

My D7000 is currently out of commission so I solely used my D700 to take all these pics. I’ve pretty much become a master at switching lenses because of all the switching I had to do haha. I had two of my smaller lenses in each pocket with my 70-200 in a sling bag around my shoulder the whole time.

For the Maiyas, I relied mostly on my Tokina 11-16 due to the tight spaces and all the people I had to get in the shot. I sometimes used my 24-70 as well. I took some macro shots with my 85mm 1.8 + Extension tube combination.

For the groom prep shots, I mostly used my 85mm 1.8 and 24-70. I tried to use natural light as much as possible but ended up having to use a lot of bounced flash.

For the ceremony, it was very very dark so I used my 85mm 1.8 wide open as much as possible. When necessary, I used my 70-200 but mounted it on my monopod as I had to use a relatively slow shutter (around 1/160) in order to get enough light in without pumping up the ISO too too much (I was already shooting in the 2000/3000 range hence the b/w pp for better range). I used my 11-16 for the wide shots.

I used my 85mm 1.8 for most of the Formal Pictures and sometimes used my 24-70 when I needed to get in closer and wider. All natural, no flash.

For the reception, I used my 24-70 for the cake and talking parts and used my 85mm 1.8 and 11-16 when shooting the dance.

For the last set of pictures by the stairs, I used my 24-70 and had Zeeshan hold up my speedlight + softbox combo for me.

Punjab Banquet Hall 0198

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