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Brellow Granville Island Engagement

This Brellow Productions Engagement was part of a series of days that we would spend with Atash and Chris. These pics were taken on a Monday and their wedding ceremony would be a two part event with the Persian ceremony happening on a Thursday and the civil wedding happening on a Saturday. All in the same week!

We shot at Granville Island with overcast weather so it was perfect!Granville Island 0314Granville Island 0313Granville Island 0312Granville Island 0311Granville Island 0310Granville Island 0309Granville Island 0308Granville Island 0307Granville Island 0306Granville Island 0305Granville Island 0304Granville Island 0303Granville Island 0302Granville Island 0301Granville Island 0300Granville Island 0299Granville Island 0298Granville Island 0297Granville Island 0296Granville Island 0295Granville Island 0294Granville Island 0293Granville Island 0292Granville Island 0291Granville Island 0290Granville Island 0289Granville Island 0288Granville Island 0287Granville Island 0285Granville Island 0286Granville Island 0284Granville Island 0283Granville Island 0282Granville Island 0281

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