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Brellow – Brix Restaurant East Indian Wedding

I will keep things short and precise as this is a very late blog post. I shot Safana and Imran’s wedding way back in August for Brellow but I had to leave for school right after so I didn’t have any time to blog this. After that, I didn’t get to really look at these pics again until recently when we delivered these photos.

I shot at the grooms in the morning and then went to the temple which was followed by a few group pics at that location right after. We then headed over to the couple’s apartment and shot the bride getting ready for the evening reception. It was a very beautiful apartment that was filled with wall sized windows. Great lighting for shooting in. We then did some more pictures at the park right nearby the apartment. The day ended with a reception at the Brix restaurant. It was nice and intimate as the location was small compared to a hall.

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