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Brellow – Mario’s Gelati Building East Indian Wedding

This was my last wedding of 2012 and the first time I’ve been flown in to do a wedding. I was flown in from Ottawa to shoot this Vancouver wedding and shot for Brellow. This is just a highlight of some of the pics from the wedding that I liked.

In the morning, I headed over to the Bride’s house by myself and did her getting ready pics there. After, I headed to the temple and then over to a park in Coquitlam to shoot the formals. That was the end of that day and the following day was a nice reception.

Mario’s Gelati 0211Mario’s Gelati 0212Mario’s Gelati 0199Mario’s Gelati 0200Mario’s Gelati 0213Mario’s Gelati 0214Mario’s Gelati 0201Mario’s Gelati 0210Mario’s Gelati 0215Mario’s Gelati 0202Mario’s Gelati 0216Mario’s Gelati 0217Mario’s Gelati 0203Mario’s Gelati 0204Mario’s Gelati 0205Mario’s Gelati 0206Mario’s Gelati 0218Mario’s Gelati 0207Mario’s Gelati 0219Mario’s Gelati 0220Mario’s Gelati 0221Mario’s Gelati 0208Mario’s Gelati 0209Mario’s Gelati 0222

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