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Surrey Engagement | Jon & Carissa

Carissa and Jon are some of my closest friends so I was honored to have an engagement session with them. I’ve known these two for a long time now and have really seen through all the different stages of their relationship so it was nice to finally receive that phone call a few months ago announcing their engagement. Jon has asked me to be his best man so I happily won’t be shooting their wedding but will instead be at their side having fun as they tie the knot. I can’t wait for their wedding day to come!pastrano (1)pastrano (2)pastrano (3)pastrano (4)pastrano (5)pastrano (6)pastrano (7)pastrano (8)pastrano (9)pastrano (10)pastrano (11)pastrano (12)pastrano (13)pastrano (14)pastrano (15)pastrano (16)pastrano (17)pastrano (18)pastrano (19)pastrano (20)pastrano (21)pastrano (22)pastrano (23)pastrano (24)pastrano (25)pastrano (26)pastrano (27)pastrano (28)pastrano (29)pastrano (30)pastrano (31)pastrano (32)pastrano (33)pastrano (34)pastrano (35)pastrano (36)pastrano (37)pastrano (38)pastrano (39)

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