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Stanley Park Engagement

This couple was such a blast to shoot. The groom-to-be was always making his bride smile and laugh and the whole session was just a lot of fun. I love shooting at Stanley Park as there’s so many different locations we can shoot at and it will always look different! These two make for a cute couple so I look forward to capturing their special day in a few months.2015-03-12_00262015-03-12_00272015-03-12_00282015-03-12_00292015-03-12_00302015-03-12_00312015-03-12_00322015-03-12_00332015-03-12_00342015-03-12_00352015-03-12_00362015-03-12_00372015-03-12_00382015-03-12_00392015-03-12_00402015-03-12_00412015-03-12_00422015-03-12_00432015-03-12_00442015-03-12_00452015-03-12_00462015-03-12_00472015-03-12_00482015-03-12_00492015-03-12_00502015-03-12_00512015-03-12_00522015-03-12_00532015-03-12_00542015-03-12_00552015-03-12_0056

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